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Ivo Artur is an awakened being that has transformed his life completely on his own physically mentally and spiritually.

He’s path is all about pure ascension.

He takes all observations into account and with wisdom knowledge and experience he recreates who he really is in the image of the supreme source and share with the Oneness.

His path leads him to be an audiovisual healer creator of thousands of beings worldwide and multiplying using platforms like YouTube with his channels as Lokosmotivos Meditation Music and Waao Love

be aware

All the Music in this website that is for sale are in DIGITAL form and not PHYSICAL form like for shipping.
Usually the music you buy through smartphone will not let you properly download into your device, you may have to use a laptop or computer in order to succeed.
All the music in this website is processed in a Lossless format,  such as WAV High Quality which means large file sizes that could go up to 10Gb p/file.



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