HEAL From Cancer 10000 Hz + 111 Hz Cellular Healing⎪ ASMR Quantum Nature Healing Sound Therapy Music

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⦿ ASMR Miracle Manifestation Music
❖ HEAL From Cancer
❖ 10000 Hz + 111 Hz Cellular Healing
❖ ASMR Summer Night Sounds and Wind Chimes
⦿ 432 Hz ASMR Quantum Nature Healing Sound Therapy Music
⟫⟫⟫ SleepPhones Recommended

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NOTE: for iPhone users, the downloads might not work, due to apple restrictions,
so I recommend using an external computer to after transfer via iTunes to your device.

▼ Intention:
⟫⟫⟫ Ultra High Frequencies - Rife
⫸ 10000 Hz ⟫ Full Restore Immune System, Cure-All
⟫⟫⟫ Angelic Solfeggio Scale
⫸ 111 Hz ⟫ Cellular Rejuvenation and Healing
⟫⟫⟫ State of Mind Frequencies
⫸ 8 Hz Ultra Theta State⟫ Theta Manifestation, Grounding
⫸ 40 Hz Gamma Power⟫ Gamma Brain's Operator System
⟫⟫⟫ ASMR Miracle Nature Sounds
⫸ Rain on Forestation
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ASMR Miracle MAnifestation Music To The Next Level

💚 Message:
☯ This music contains a
Secret Quantum Miracle Formula Frequencies,
that makes this music unique and ultra powerful effective.
For complete results, listen every day.
You can either meditate with it or just listen to it in a relaxed state.

This is miracle music for manifestation, be ready for it,
it comes from within and therefore there is no need to search for it,
as it already exists inside you waiting to be awakened,
to the full potential of yourself.
Don't expect anything, just let it go in the unconditional love wave,
and let that energy carry you.


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Ivo Artur
ASMR Miracle Manifestation Music


♡ About ASMR
ASMR involves a distinct physiological reaction described as a tingling feeling, somewhere between full body chills and a cranial massage. For most, ASMR is triggered by seemingly inconsequential events – whispering, tapping, scratching, crinkling paper, repetitive activities or personal care (like getting a haircut), although some of the lucky ones can summon it through sheer willpower.


💛💜💚 Ivo Artur is founder and creator of
Lovemotives Meditation Music and other channels, such as:
ASMR Miracle Manifestation Music,
ASMR Moment,
Waao Love and Waao Nos Somos Todos Um,
one of the leading multi-sensory YouTube healing channels that spread messages of pure ascension and impact hundreds of thousands of beings worldwide.

Ivo Artur combines all angles of spiritual observation with wisdom, knowledge, and Experience to transmit messages of source consciousness and oneness through both sound and visual vibrational frequencies that offer profound transformations such as:
Awakening, Ascension, Awareness, and Activation.


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